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24th October 2006 : Updates On Days Of Our Lives


Samantha’s World!

All the corruption in Salem is done by the mystery person in the infamous black glove, but if you haven’t figured out who it is as yet or maybe you did, but if you didn’t let me be the one to tell you it’s nun other than that FINE ASS tall, sexy, British boy with the with the nice abs called EJ, along with his little Pissy sidekick Patrick Lockhart.

Sami has lost everyone close to her and just when we thought her and Lucas was getting back together the bomb was dropped. So now Lucas and their snot nose son Will moved out and shattered any dreams of Sami ever becoming a family with the man she truly love. But EJ is there to pick up the pieces.

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23rd October 2006 : BACK and in EFFECT


Hey SCANDALOUS here and once again I’m about to blow up this MOFO with lots of Blackmails, Catfights, Home wreckers, Room Shaking-Booty Slap-Sweat Dripping SEX, and Ladies let’s not forget the Fine ASS men.


So to all goody two shoes F-off, because this is Soap Opera only the way SCANDALOUS can bring it to ya!

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JACK DEVERAUX - (Matthew Ashford)

Jack_deverauxJack Deveraux was adopted by Anjelica and Harper Deveraux. Jack had done some dastardly things. From raping his wife Kayla, breaking Harper out of jail to get his hands on Harper's Swiss bank account to blackmailing his way into owning half of The Salem Spectator.
Who would think the Jack we see today is the very same Jack, so I guess we can say Jack wasn't exactly the boy next door.

When Jennifer joined the newspaper's staff as a college intern this was a turning point in Jack's life. He had finally found his one true love. Jack and Jennifer were married and had a beautiful baby girl and named her Abigail. Jack was overcome by guilt, believing he was the cause of Abby's aplastic anemia, so he left town, leaving his wife Jennifer to deal with their daughter's illness.

Jack was sentenced to life in prison for "killing" Peter who was alive and in hiding. In the summer, Jack's appeal was denied, but he was later released.

After the Salem stalker supposedly killed Jack, Jennifer and Jack were once again reunited in the jungle, where she gave birth to their son Jack Jr. with the assistance of Patrick Lockhart.

The Salemites worked together to escape. Tony, of course, tried to stop them, but eventually they got off the island, only to be hit by a giant wave. Most of them were rescued by the Coast Guard, Jack was not one of them and was presumed dead.
Jack was still alive but, thanks to Tony DiMera, was again held hostage, this time in a remote European castle. He escaped and made it back to Salem, only to be tricked by a fake Jennifer. Jack was then taken back to the castle. He started digging and ended up in Roman and Marlena's room. Together, they made their escape, bringing Cassie along with them. They made it back to Salem to their loved ones, where Jack found out he was dying and decided to reunite Jennifer and her Ex-boyfriend Frankie to take over his family after his demise.

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21st July 2006 : Updates On Days Of Our Lives


Days of our Lives

Sami receives two anonymous notes from a mystery person and decided to ask EJ the British hunk for his help, his advice to her was to let Austin know the truth before he finds out from the anonymous writer. Sami tries telling Austin but can’t get the chance.

We can all see where this is headed.

There was a big mix up at the hospital with Shaun’s sperm and Phillip’s sperm, and now Belle is pregnant with Shaun’s baby and Mimi’s surrogate mother is carrying Phillip’s baby.
Now that Shaun and Belle can’t help but show feelings for each other, and don’t even realize their doing it in front of everyone.

Phillip is upset with his wife Belle (Aren’t we all) for not wanting to terminated the pregnancy because it’s Shaun’s baby.

The paternity shows that Patrick is the father of Hope’s baby, but Bo is crushed when Hope decides to let Patrick be apart of the child’s life.

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28th June 2006 : Character Bio: PASSIONS


Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
(Silvana Arias)

Paloma is the youngest child of Pilar and Martin Lopez-Fritzgarld. After the disappearance of Martin years ago, Pilar couldn’t provide for all her children, so she made the heartbreaking decision to send Paloma to live with family members in Mexico. Now that Paloma is all grown up, she has returned to Harmony and has dealt with the resentment she once had towards the family that she felt “abandoned” her those many years ago. Paloma is close friends with Simone and Jessica.

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