CARRIE BRADY (Christie Clark)

Carrie Brady daughter to Roman and Anna Brady, Roman thought his wife was dead and never knew he had a daughter. Carrie is also the half sister to Eric and Sami
Austin Reed arrived in Salem and moved into the apartment across from Carrie. Carrie became smitten with him, but he didn't return her feelings at first. Carrie did everything she could to get his attention. Eventually they started seeing each other. Carrie met Lucas Roberts when he came to town in 1993. Lucas liked Carrie, but she was still in love with Austin. Lucas did manage to convince Carrie to have plastic surgery to remove the scar on her face. The two of them grew close and almost made love, but Sami stopped them.

After Sami was raped by Alan Harris, a friend of Lucas', Carrie talked her into pressing charges. When Sami was humiliated on the stand, she vowed to get Carrie back by destroying her relationship with Austin.
Mike and Carrie attended a conference in Los Angeles, where they were forced to share a room and even posed as boyfriend and girlfriend to make an old competitor of Mike's, Craig Wesley, jealous. Austin learned that Mike and Carrie were sharing a room and thought that he had lost her forever. Austin began feeling guilty about Sami and eventually proposed to her when he thought that Carrie was in love with Mike. Carrie wondered if Mike was in love with her and confronted him. Mike told Carrie that he was in love with another woman in Salem, but she was married. Mike Horton decided to run for Chief of Staff at University Hospital and Carrie was his PR manager. She began to spend more time at the hospital with Mike, causing Austin to become jealous. Carrie and Mike were shocked when Craig Wesley showed up and planned to apply for the position. As Mike and Carrie continued to work together, each began thinking more and more about the other.

While Austin was on the run with Sami, Carrie felt neglected and turned to Mike. At the urging of the duplicitous Craig and Nancy, a jealous Ali followed Carrie and Mike to Las Vegas, where she was horrified to see them growing closer. She took pictures of the couple together and e-mailed them to Austin. Later, a troubled Austin walked in on Carrie and Mike in bed. He punched Mike and told Carrie their marriage was over. Later, Ali cried "Sexual Harassment," putting Mike's job as Chief-of-Staff in jeopardy. To Mike's horror, Ali won a three million dollar settlement. Austin divorced Carrie and she and Mike ended up leaving Salem together.
Now, Carrie and Mike's relationship is over and she is back. She has returned to Salem, via a job as the CEO of a Los Angeles company called High-style. Things seemed to be looking up for her and Austin's relationship, which is until she found out that he was the one responsible for taking over her company. Ouch! Will Carrie ever be able to forgive Austin, the man she was meant to be with?

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